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Press releases, resources
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Press releases, resources and information

What is One Special Day?

One Special Day is the annual gathering of the video games industry to help the charity SpecialEffect level the playing field for gamers with disabilities.

Industry partners donate sales revenue or participate in other ways – such as virtual events, promotions and livestreams – with the aim of raising money to bring magic gaming moments to people of all ages who can only watch everyone else have all the fun.

The support of the partners and their communities help the thousands of disabled people every year who ask for the charity’s assistance. Their teams of therapists and technical specialists provide assessments and customised technology loans to help bring joy into the lives of people with disabilities. In turn, the charity pass on what they learn to help hardware and software developers make their products and games easier to use for as many people as possible all over the world.

In 2021, over 80 games industry companies worldwide took part. The event attracted international attention and resulted in extensive positive publicity for the industry and the companies involved.

Campaign URL:

Campaign hashtag: #OneSpecialDay

Social Media

Twitter: @specialeffect
Instagram: specialeffectteam
Facebook: SpecialEffectCharity
LinkedIn: specialeffect

OSD Video Trailer

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Sample ‘On the Day’ Tweets

Our games are changing the lives of disabled gamers today! Find out how at

So many fantastic games companies changing lives through #OneSpecialDay today!

Buy, play and donate this #OneSpecialDay and bring the magic of gaming to people with disabilities. Find out more at

Help us bring more gaming magic for disabled gamers this #OneSpecialDay

One Special Day Logo

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Video Links

A pdf of promotional and impact video links to support your One Special Day PR.

One Special Day Merchandise

Buy One Special Day badges, hoodies, t-shirts and face masks at the link below

Hashtag Sign

Print this hashtag pdf  for photo ops with staff, celebrities and events. Image size 440mm x 150mm.

Hashtag Board

Twitch Streaming Resources

A basic template for branding your One Special Day Twitch stream and a quick ‘elevator pitch’ SpecialEffect promo guide.