You give, everyone plays!

Friday 7 October is the day
when the games industry unites
to help disabled gamers.


for levelling the playing field
for disabled gamers.


for levelling the playing field
for disabled gamers.

Join us as an industry partner on Friday 7 October

For one day each year, companies and studios from all sectors of the games industry unite to raise vital income for gamers’ charity SpecialEffect and show the world how games can change lives for the better.

It’s called One Special Day, and this year it’s being celebrated on 7 October, a milestone date for the charity as it’s their 15th anniversary.

The support of the partners – and their communities – will help the thousands of physically disabled people every year who ask for the charity’s assistance. Their teams of therapists and technical specialists provide advice, assessments and customised technology loans to help transform the lives of people with disabilities. In turn, the charity share what they learn with hardware and software developers to help make their products and games easier to use for as many people as possible all over the world.

The most significant way in which partners can contribute to One Special Day is by the donation of a day’s revenue from one or more of their games. Support can also be a company pledge, participation in the One Special Day Steam Sale, revenue from sales of in-game items/DLC/merch, or staff fundraising events.

Since its inception in 2015 OSD has attracted international press attention and has resulted in extensive positive publicity for the industry and the companies involved. Last year over 80 OSD partners raised a total of over $800,000 between them – a record amount that has bought many magic gaming moments to disabled players across the globe.

Contact Nick Streeter to find out more about the benefits of becoming a One Special Day partner.

Small boy in wheelchair playing games

Thank you

We’re so grateful to all the games industry companies who are uniting to level the playing field for gamers with disabilities. We don’t charge for any of our help, so your partnership will support our therapists in helping gamers with disabilities find out what they want to play and exactly what they need to play it. You’ll be funding the personalised controller setups that we create and lend, and you’ll be enabling us to pass on what we learn to the games industry all over the world, making their products easier to use for as many people as possible.

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“SpecialEffect is such a special charity which does incredible work to bring the enjoyment of play to gamers with disabilities.”

Craig Duncan, RARE

“Make Real are delighted to take part… to enable all gamers play the games they want, no matter their abilities.”

Sam Watts, Make Real

“NaturalMotion is delighted to join forces again with SpecialEffect for One Special Day. Games have a transformative power – they enable us to connect with others while also delivering entertainment experiences that allow our imaginations to run wild. SpecialEffect’s work to make games accessible to as many people as possible is truly an inspiration and what being a good gamer is all about.”

Julian Widdows, Natural Motion