27 November 2023

Brandon’s reporting back for duty after seven years

Young man in wheelchair using adapted gaming controller setup

Brandon’s looking forward to playing Call of Duty for the first time in seven years thanks to ongoing support from our specialist assessment team. 

He has limited movements due to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and our assessment team had worked closely with him in 2022 to create a setup that enabled him to enjoy FIFA on his Xbox. He was very keen to see if he could tackle Call of Duty again but was unsure of the most effective way to operate the additional joystick that was required. 

Based on Brandon’s abilities, the team suggested a trial of a new inverted form of joystick that he could potentially find easy to operate with his middle finger. He took to it immediately and, along with a combination of additional finger switches and a head-controlled switch for the Xbox button, he now has the possibility of independent access to the full range of controls required to play Call of Duty, including menu navigation. 

Our team are currently working with Brandon to finalise his setup, and he’s delighted to have the opportunity to play a game he loves again. Our support doesn’t just bring short-term smiles for the people we help, it’s a lifelong service, so when abilities or aspirations change, our teams are there to adjust or rebuild setups to keep the gaming magic flowing. 

This is the kind of difference your vital One Special Day support on 6 October has helped to make over the years for thousands of gamers across the world. THANK YOU so much – you’re genuinely changing lives!