14 July 2023

Adapted controller setup helps Angus play Peppa

A warm welcome to the world of gaming, Angus! He has difficulty using a standard gamepad, but here he is playing console games by himself for the first time using an adapted control setup devised by our specialist assessment team. Watch the video here.

Angus has quadriplegic dystonic cerebral palsy and has large movements that make it tricky for him to use a standard controller. His parents were wondering if there was a way for him to control a console, so they got in touch with our specialist assessment team.

After discussing Angus’s abilities and gaming preferences with his parents, our team recommended the trial of a Nintendo Switch controlled by three large button switches, along with games like Mario Kart and Peppa Pig which he could play independently.

Angus absolutely loves using his new gaming skills, and we’ve recently heard that he’s already moving looking to move on to more complex titles. His parents mentioned that he enjoys management games, particularly about hospitals, so our team have recommended Two Point Hospital which he could potentially enjoy playing using a joystick and switches, assisted by co-pilot.

We’re so excited for Angus. This is the beginning of a wonderful gaming journey for him and, as with everyone we support, we’ll be there for him if and when he continues to need our help in the future.

Connecting the switches: For Peppa Pig, the three button switches are connected to the Nintendo Switch via a Hori Flex. To control the character, one switch acts as D-Pad Left, and a second acts as D-Pad Right. The third switch allows Angus to interact with people and items.

With thanks to Angus’s parents for their kind permission to use this video.