6 July 2023

“Absolutely perfect!” Split controller eases Zak’s gaming strain

Young man holding two Nintendo Switch joycons
Zak often plays games with a controller but, owing to arm weakness, he finds it uncomfortable to hold both hands together for extended periods. He got in touch with our specialist assessment team and, after a review of his abilities, they suggested that a split controller setup could enable him to keep each hand in whatever position was most comfortable. The team identified Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons as a potential controller option, and in order for him to use them with his PS5 they recommended that he used PlayStation Remote Play to stream his games to a PC. The team sent Zak a video explaining how to connect the Joy-Cons to his PC via a Titan Two adapter and Bluetooth. The tech is making a real positive difference for Zak. He can now play PS5 games much more easily – he’s already piled into God of War: Ragnarok and lined up Elden Ring as the next challenge! “It’s absolutely perfect,” he said. “Exactly what I was after! For now I’ve got it running via remote play, which is working really well. I’m really grateful for your help in getting this solution sorted for me – if you’ll excuse the cliché it’s a real game changer, and I’m looking forward to being able to play through games more comfortably, and for longer.” We’re so glad we could help Zak and we’ll be keeping in touch should there be other ways to use his Joy-Cons with his PS5 without Remote Play in the future. Image above: Zak with his two Joy-Cons. Inset: Two furry friends look to join the action