30 September 2022

Bethany’s buttons

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Wow. This is the kind of worldwide life-changing impact that your One Special Day support is going to make is going to make when you buy, play and donate on Friday 7 October! It’s Bethany, who’s having the time of her life playing her favourite games.

Her mum Sarah was worried that her daughter’s cerebral palsy would prevent her from playing games like all her friends. She got in touch with our specialist assessment team, who met the family via a video call to discuss what combination of adapted gaming equipment might give Bethany the best opportunity of being able to play.

“This world opens up,” said Sarah. There’s somebody so positive who’s telling you that there’s these amazing things that could be tailored to what your child needs. You’re kind of just blown away.”

Having determined what might work, the team loaned the family an adapted gaming controller setup and talked Sarah through setting it up correctly. The carefully-considered equipment included a large joystick for Bethany’s left hand and a range of button switches for her affected right hand – all fixed onto a special lap tray to keep things stable, enabling Bethany to play successfully alongside her family – and join in the gaming fun with her peers.

“It’s fantastic,” said Sarah, “She’s doing exactly as they’re doing, but in her own way with a setup that’s specific to her.”

“There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing SpecialEffect have been.”

A huge thank you to Bethany, Sarah and Kelly for sharing their experiences with us. As with everyone we support, we’ll be there for her if and when she needs our help in the future.

We don’t charge for any of our support, so Bethany’s gaming breakthrough simply wouldn’t have been possible without your help. You’re having a truly special effect on lives around the world!

SpecialEffect have been helping people like Bethany to play the games they love to the best of their abilities for 15 years, so buy, play and donate on One Special Day on October 7 and help us keep the magic flowing for gamers worldwide!