You want it darker? Failbetter Games join us for One Special Day

Our friends at Failbetter Games have swept into One Special Day, bringing with them the gift of UK revenue from Steam, GOG and Humble for their hit titles Sunless Skies and Sunless Sea.

If you’re familiar with the titles, you’ll get the ‘dark’ reference in the headline. When the vast loneliness of space and sea meets the terrifying world of Victorian Gothic horror, it’s going to be dark. Very dark.

But, if you’re of fainter heart, don’t be put off by the sinister world of Sunless Skies and Sunless Sea. These games are a work of art. Stunning imagery and exquisite storytelling combine with the macabre storylines, madness and eating your fellow crew members. Together, it makes captivating, clever and beautiful gameplay. Improve your ship, upgrade your crew (the ones that haven’t been eaten), explore and get yourself involved in things that sensible people should really steer clear of.

Treat yourself to an escape into the shadowy recesses of the universe and your mind this Friday – 4 October – and, thanks to the generosity of Failbetter Games, help SpecialEffect reach more disabled gamers over the coming months.

Hannah Flynn, Communications Director at Failbetter Games told us why they have chosen to support One Special Day, “Our community voted SpecialEffect as the charity we should support at Sunless Skies’ launch, so it feels wonderful to support their inspiring work again! We saw first-hand at Develop the amazing work they do to make games accessible to all players through adaptive controls – and gave them a try ourselves.  We’re thrilled to be taking part in One Special Day.”

So, I’ll ask again. You want it darker? Yes? Then head to Steam, GOG or Humble this Friday and buy Sunless Skies or Sunless Sea.

Advertisement for Sunless Skies with a background of a flying steam train

You want it darker? Head to Steam, GOG or Humble on Friday 4 October and buy Failbetter Games Sunless Skies or Sunless Sea and help us reach more disabled gamers