You Give, Everyone Plays: Meet Billy

Billy has cerebral palsy and finds using his PS4 controller difficult, especially the right hand side. He’s been playing FIFA in one button mode, but has had his eye on games like Skylanders which he’d love to play. Making the characters move and jump at the same time is tricky though.

Billy’s family had already mounted a controller on a Maxess wedge and tray, which is great for accessing the left stick, but getting across to the button was difficult, so we tried some larger buttons on his tray he could use with his left hand. He got on well with them and was soon enjoying FIFA in two-button mode. Then he tried Skylanders and found he got on really well with four buttons. Brilliant!

This will open up a whole new world of gaming possibilities for Billy, and all the fun and inclusion that brings with it.

Young boy in wheelchair looking directly at the camera

‘A whole new world of gaming possibilities for Billy’