The Heroes of Nexters step forward for One Special Day

We all love a hero, right?

The latest heroes to step up for SpecialEffect, One Special Day and disabled gamers around the world are our new friends Nexters.  Based in Cyprus Nexters produce a range of games but are currently best known for their epic fantasy MMORPG Hero Wars. If you’ve not played it yet and heroic fantasy adventures are your thing, it’s a load of fun.

Nexters are new to One Special Day and we’re delighted to have them partner with us for One Special Day 2020. They will be giving us a very generous company donation on One Special Day and told us why they’ve chosen to support One Special Day,

Andrey Fadeev, CEO of Nexters, had this to say: “SpecialEffect is doing great at helping make games more accessible and letting more people enjoy the magic of gaming. Nexters is thrilled to be a part of One Special Day 2020 by making a company donation on October 2nd. Keep up the amazing work that you do!”

A warm welcome and a huge thank you to everyone at Nexters. You stand tall amongst an array of heroes of One Special day 2020.

cartoon image of three fantasy warriors

The Heroes of Nexters step forward for One Special Day