Serial fundraisers EA are up for One Special K

The Electronic Arts UK team are long-term, passionate supporters of SpecialEffect and are going the extra mile (or K ) and then some!

This year, the team are doing “Things by the thousands”  and are calling it their “One Special K”.

The team will have walkers walking 5 to 10 km each, runners running between 1-100km each , cyclists cycling distances of up to 500km, exercisers doing 1000 press-ups/squats each and even a baker treating everyone around him by baking with 1kg of flour!

As mentioned  on their fantastic JustGiving Page,  Electronic Arts exists to Inspire the World to Play and SpecialEffect make sure that its “ Game On is for Everyone.”

Thank you to Beth, Natalie, Nickie, Sonia, Cath and Seb, Aidan, Mike, Matt, Selina, Cerys, Andrew and Emma, Steven, Andrew, Debbie and Colin, Lewis and Karl and all their sponsors for their tremendous support.


the letters E and A in a circle with a purple heart at the top right of it

The team at EA are going the extra kilometre (in fact, several) for One Special Day