SEGA Hardlight hit the high notes for One Special Day

We’ve got some very talented supporters up in Leamington Spa and some of their talents extend well beyond their careers in gaming. In the run up to One Special Day, some of them will be do-ray-meeeing, gargling and getting their singing voices finely tuned for a karaoke extravaganza that probably won’t be seen in the town again until this time next year.

That’s right, our friends at SEGA Hardlight are taking to the stage at the Altoria Bar in Leamington Spa on Friday 4th October for a night of videogame-themed karaoke. All money raised on the night will be donated to SpecialEffect’s One Special Day and, if Hardlight’s past events are anything to go by, it’ll be very popular indeed.

And, practise has begun already with a singing of SpecialEffect’s praises… we like that a lot.

Tracy Clark, HR and Operations at SEGA Hardlight said, ‘We are delighted to support SpecialEffect, not only on One Special Day, but all year round. We are passionate about what they do and the difference they make to enable someone to find enjoyment in what can sometimes be a daunting time. It’s run by the best people doing their absolute best to make sure that enjoyment in games and all that brings is inclusive to everyone regardless of disability’

Jasper Barnes, Technical Recruitment Manager, chipped in with the second verse, ‘SpecialEffect is a fantastic charity that holds a special place in my heart for the work that they do. As an avid gamer who gets enormous joy from playing games across all platforms, it’s inspiring to see a charity dedicated to bringing that same joy to those that might otherwise be unable to experience it. One Special Day is a fantastic event for us to be able to celebrate the work that SpecialEffect do; but in truth they deserve praise every day of the year for the difference that they continue to make to countless lives.’

But the big finale fell to Joel Atkinson, Senior Games Designer, who brought a tear to our eye with, ‘SpecialEffect does incredible work making games and technology accessible to everyone, and they push us to be better developers because of it. We want to do anything and everything we can to support our favourite charity, up to and including making fools of ourselves belting out Miley Cyrus songs rewritten to be about Super Monkey Ball. Though I also do that for free.’

A massive One Special Day thank you to everyone at SEGA Hardlight from all of us SpecialEffect. And thanks too, to Neil and the team at Escape Technology for their fantastic donation of a Wacon CINTIQ-16 tablet for the raffle.

Good luck guys and I hope it all goes better than my last attempt at karaoke when I tried an 80’s classic. It went down like 99 Lead Balloons.

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