Oh what a (One Special) Night!

The stars certainly came out for the kick-off to our 2020 One Special Day event. At One Special Night on the evening of 1 October our spectacular line up of games industry speakers kept us entertained and enthralled with insightful talks and tips on many aspects of leading and working in the industry.

Elise Lemaire of Rovio told us about how Angry Birds started off as the product of a game jam and grew into the global avian franchise it is today whilst Craig Fletcher of Wicked Sick and Andy Payne of Just Flight gave hints and tips to succeeding as entrepreneurs in different elements of the games industry.

Deborah Mensa-Bonsu and Craig Duncan talked about the culture of work and philanthropy at Space Ape and Rare Ltd respectively while reporter and technologist Kate Russell explained that content creators should take into consideration all users, explaining how she worked with an autistic viewer to get her stream right.

Sefton Hill and Gaz from Rocksteady then made being wrong in a quiz into an exercise of kindness and generosity.

Tim Schafer of Double Fine Productions wrapped up the evening in double fine style.

Huge, huge thanks to Colin and the Scottish Games Network for hosting One Special Night. And to our sponsors, raffle prize providers, viewers, speakers and audience.

Wait… you missed it? Well, not to worry. We recorded the whole thing and you can go and watch it by following this link.

What a truly brilliant start to One Special Day. Thank you to everyone who made it One Special Night.

Well, we did say it was One Special Night, Tim