Nomad Games go wild for One Special Day

She’s wild, powerful, feisty and completely at one with nature. Nomad Games’ Shaman character from their fantastic digital version of the iconic Talisman game is also the One Special Day gift that keeps on giving.

Four years ago, Nomad Games told us they wanted to produce a character in Talisman that players could buy online knowing that every penny would come to SpecialEffect. So they asked the players what character they wanted. The players voted for the Shaman, an enigmatic, fierce, druidic character who can control animals as she strives to be the victor of this epic fantasy game.

It would have been a perfect interaction between game developer and community… except Nomad Games had other ideas. Nomad Games’ CEO Don Whiteford asked us to get ideas for what the character would look like from the people we work with to support, and what you see below is what they came up with.

The Shaman character is available all year round and all income from sales is donated by Nomad Games to One Special Day. Over the past three years she’s raised over £16k to help us level the playing field for disabled gamers. Like we said, she’s a very powerful force!

If you play Talisman  and want to experience the mystical power of the Shaman (and helping us to get more disabled gamers experiencing the joy and inclusion of video games), follow this link:

Huge thanks to our good friends at Nomad Games for such brilliant ongoing support of One Special Day.

Shaman character with Talisman text