Marley’s ready for something special

Your One Special Day support in 2017 will be helping people like the amazing Marley, who’s bossing FOUR chin-controlled joysticks! A spinal injury affects the movement below his neck but he’s got great head movement, so a year ago we’d set up three chin-controlled joysticks for him and, with the addition of some custom voice controls, he’d started smashing World of Warcraft again.

Make that FOUR joysticks now. Marley likes a chat while he’s gaming so Joe and Frankie ditched the voice controls and worked some magic by mapping yet another joystick to act as keyboard presses.

We want people play to the very, very best of their abilities, so it was a pleasure to visit Marley again to improve his setup. And four joysticks – just amazing – Marley, you’re a SpecialEffect legend!