Meet the judges for One Special Game – Mat Roff

It’s the closing day for entries to our One Special Game gaming-fan-art competition and we’ve had a rush of last minute entries overnight, which we’re delighted about.

Wait! You don’t know what One Special Game is?

Well, in collaboration with the developers of STARDEW VALLEY, MASS EFFECT, MONUMENT VALLEY and NEED FOR SPEED we’re inviting artists to submit their take on these iconic games. And the artistic fans of the games I’ve mentioned have done the games (and us) proud.

So, at midnight (UK time) tonight, we shall close the entry doors on One Special Game for this year and hand over the next steps to our three judges. We’ve already met judges Steve Uphill and Ron Ashtiani so let’s meet our third judge, artist Mat Roff.

Like Steve and Ron, we had some questions for Mat…

What would be your ‘special’ game (a game that means a lot to you) and why?

I have two special games, Sonic 2 and Uncharted 2.

Sonic 2 was the first game I completed as a kid and I still to this day have the original Sega Mega Drive cartridge at home.

And then Uncharted 2… I’d taken a break from gaming during my teens/early 20s and when I saw the trailer for UC2 I jumped straight back on the bandwagon, so I have a lot to thank that game for.

What is your favourite key art/box art on a game, if you have one?

Oh, Red Dead Redemption 2 – hands down.

The art style is stunning for that series, and I have always loved the key/promotional art for the online services, products and merchandise too.

But there are so many others like Cuphead, Monument Valley, Concrete Genie, God of War that I love too.

Could you tell us why you got involved in One Special game (in a couple of sentences!)

I got involved because I’ve raised money and worked for SpecialEffect as an illustrator over the last 2 years and I’ve always enjoyed introducing their work to people.

This project is a great and fun way to highlight them and raise money for a worthy cause that could also help the creative industry we’re all a part of too – so I couldn’t not be involved!

Do you have any tips for aspiring artists and designers who would like to get into the industry?

Just make work. Don’t wait for permission, a degree… just go out and make your own work. You learn so much faster.

And be nice to people, reach out, talk to creators that you like the work of – as most people in the art or games industry are always pretty helpful!

What would be your dream game to have worked on and why?

God Of War. I adore that game.

I’m also a HUGE fan of mythology and anything like that would have been a dream to have worked on and created some concepts and designs for.


And there you have it. The brilliantly talented and lovely Mat Roff, the third of our judges for One Special Game.

Now, if you’re wanting to enter and haven’t started yet, boy are you cutting it fine! Midnight tonight folks. That’s closing tme for One Special Game.

Young man laughing

The brilliantly talented artist, Mat Roff,  is the third of One Special Game judges