MAG Interactive helps get our Wordbrain into gear for One Special Day

“Good words are worth much and cost little.”
—George Herbert


It’s a fitting quote for our friends at Stockholm-based MAG Interactive because most of their games revolve around words and wordplay. And MAG Interactive, who’ll be supporting One Special Day for the third year running, will be donating revenue generated from the UK from all eight of their brilliant games on 4 October.

We could wax lyrical about all eight titles but let’s take Wordbrain as an example of how great MAG Interactive’s range of games are. The player starts at ‘Newbie’ level and works their way through words based on themes by simply connecting letters in a grid with the swipe of a finger. Sound easy? It is to start with and becomes more challenging as the player advances through the levels.

Wordbrain and MAG Interactive’s other titles are perfect for quieter moments when you need a few minutes’ peace but want to keep your brain active. Ideal for your commute or simply a few minutes while enjoying a coffee or lunch break. Give them a try and help us level the playing field for disabled gamers on Friday 4 October.

Cartoon characters on a background of purple and blue squares

Keep your brain active on One Special Day with a brilliant range of games by Swedish developer, MAG Interactive