Let BoomBit explain the impact of One Special Day

Kathee Chimowitz, Chief Revenue Officer for BoomBit Games, knows first-hand how a severe disability can destroy quality of life.

“My earliest memory was at three years old at the hospital delivering a Valentine’s Day card and flowers to my Dad,” she said. “He was stoic, or more appropriately frozen-in-time, as by then he had been surviving ALS for over a year. He spent most of that time in the hospital under a respirator unable to fully communicate with anyone except by blinking.”

Our teams are challenging the effects of many severe disabilities every week, bringing back the gift of inclusion and independence to people who want to communicate and play. As Kathee points out, “SpecialEffect goes even beyond the everyday communication we take advantage of and provides real connection, a time to play with loved ones that did not have or had lost their ability to play video games.”

“It’s easy to graph the growth of gaming, but it’s not as easy to graph the emotional uplift games provide.”

“I applaud what they do and will always freely be a voice for their efforts and successes. Thank you, SpecialEffect, for creating better experiences and memories for the disabled and their families.”

Thank you Kathee, those thoughts are truly appreciated by all the team here. And with BoomBit’s fantastic support though One Special Day, we’ll be able to transform even more lives.

Kathee Chimowitz holding an OSD sign