It’s a wonderful Avakin Life

Our friends at Lockwood Publishing are again generously supporting One Special Day and SpecialEffect with the award-winning Avakin Life. On One Special Day there’ll be a special in game offer with a percentage of proceeds being donated to our work.

What’s Avakin Life? I’m pleased you asked.

Avakin Life is described by Lockwood Publishing as ‘Life, but better’. It’s a 3D mobile app in which you take on the character of a person you’d like to be. Create a character, give them their own look, give them the life you’d like to lead… want to live in a luxury apartment, mix with young upwardly mobile people and spend the weekend on your yacht? It’s all possible in Avakin Life. The person you want to be is really up to you and your imagination.

Lockwood Publishing are great supporters of SpecialEffect and CEO Halli Thor Bjornsson has really taken us to his heart: “It’s a great privilege to be able to help SpecialEffect in any way. It’s always touching to see the joy they bring to the world through their work and we’re just grateful we can play a small part in that and are once again looking forward to supporting SpecialEffect as part of One Special Day.”

A huge SpecialEffect thank you to all the team at Lockwood Publishing and the Avakin Life community for such tremendous support.

Now, about that luxury apartment and yacht…

Two Avakin Life characters against a One Special Day background

Be someone different this One Special Day with Avakin Life