What is One Special Day?

29 September is a special day when we’ll be asking for YOUR company’s support in levelling the playing field for gamers with disabilities. There’s many ways to take part. You can donate revenue from games and in-app purchases on that day, run dedicated activities or promotions or donate auction items.

The aim is to raise £100,000 to help SpecialEffect bring magic gaming moments to people of all ages who can only sit and watch everyone else have all the fun.

How does my company benefit?

You’ll be part of an amazing games industry event that’s loud and proud to help gamers with disabilities. It has exceptional PR value, and it’s a great opportunity to bring your employees together for a cause that’s at the heart of your business.

How exactly can I take part?

One the most popular ways is to commit 100% of sales or in-app revenue from all or some of your games on that day. Dedicated One Special Day promotions are also an option, or you could donate rare, signed or collectible merch for our Grand One Special Day auction. There’s no set list of ways to take part, and we’d welcome more inspirational and unique ideas!

Does it matter how much we raise?

No, we’re inviting companies of all sizes to take part, from single-person start-ups to multinationals. We’ll keep the size of your donation confidential.

How will our donations be used?

Your companies donations will be used to create custom gaming setups for hundreds of people like Corey who are desperate to be included in the gaming community. We don’t charge people anything for what we do, and over 90% of what you give goes straight towards our frontline work.

Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you! Any questions, just shout out to Nick Streeter on 01608 692266 or