eRepublik Labs Rally Round the Flag for One Special Day

Our friends at eRepublik Labs are back for One Special Day 2020 and they’re bringing with them their epic mobile game, War and Peace: Civil Clash, to help us reach more disabled gamers all over the world.

War and Peace transports us to 1861 and the peak of the American Civil War. Choose your side, grow your town, build your economy, train troops and lead them to glorious victory… or ignominious defeat!

America’s future is in your hands. Will you be singing the Battle Cry of Freedom or whistling Dixie?

eRepublik Labs will be creating three special limited-edition packs to go on sale for One Special Day. Any of the War and Peace worldwide community who buy the special packs will be helping SpecialEffect to reach more disabled gamers around the globe and bring joy and inclusion when we all need it most.

Mihai Ignatiuc, Head of Studio at eRepublik Labs told us, “We’re glad to have the opportunity to make a positive change in the world, more than ever before. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, so it’s truly an honour to partner with SpecialEffect for One Special Day and together bring some joy into the lives of gamers with physical disabilities.”

A huge, huge SpecialEffect thankyou to all the team at eRepublik Labs for supporting us again and helping to make sure we come through these testing times helping as many disabled gamers as ever.

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