Dotty about One Special Day

New York mobile game studio Dots will be once again supporting One Special Day through their hit puzzle game Two Dots.

Inspired by minimalist art, Two Dots is a beautiful puzzle adventure that has been designed to be a fun yet relaxing experience—perfect for those long winter evenings here in the United Kingdom. Don’t let Two Dots’ elegant simplicity deceive you though. Dig deeper and you’ll find it’s a treasure trove of cerebral and challenging gameplay for even the most competitive players.

If you’re craving a delightful, meditative game for coffee breaks, your train journey, or just to pass those rare, quiet few minutes you get to yourself each day, Two Dots will be your perfect escape.

Dots are wonderful supporters of SpecialEffect and they’ll be once again donating revenue from Two Dots on 4 October. Give this award-winning game a try and help SpecialEffect level the playing field for disabled gamers with every in-game purchase you make on 4 October.

The words Two Dots and Play Now against a cartoon snowy background

Two Dots. Minimalist, challenging, fun and supporting One Special Day