Dirtybit join the Fun Run into One Special Day

Our friends at Dirtybit, the developers of the wonderfully cute Fun Run 3 Arena mobile game, are representing Norway in this year’s One Special Day with revenue on 4th October going to SpecialEffect.

Fun Run 3 Arena sees the player race against other players in the guise of cute animals. The twist is that the cuties can slow down their opponents in all manner of devilish and devious ways. We’ve had loads of fun with Fun Run 3 Arena here in the office. You really get to learn a bit about your colleagues watching them play a game like this.

Dirtybit, who are based in the beautiful Norwegian city of Bergen, are a perfect partner for One Special Day with their strong belief in ‘Everything is better together’ being absolutely in line with what the work of SpecialEffect is all about.

Our thanks go out to Anette (pictured with SpecialEffect’s Baz at Reboot in Dubrovnik earlier this year), the team at Dirtybit and their wonderful community of Fun Run racers.

In readiness for 4th October, let’s get you Fun Runners race fit. Get those fingers ready guys… On your marks. Get set. Go!!!