Dirtybit bring the a-fur-letes to One Special Day

Yes, those cute runners are back for One Special Day this year as our friends at mobile developer Dirtybit, based in Norway, are donating revenue from their hugely popular Fun Run 3 game on Friday 2nd October.

Anette Ståløy, VP for Business and Marketing at Dirtybit told us why they’ve been happy to support One Special Day for the past three years, “Ever since we were introduced to SpecialEffect we have been touched by the stories of how you bring fun and inclusion into peoples’ lives by helping them to play video games. Bringing families and friends together through games is at the core of what we aim to achieve with our games, and we are very excited to support #OneSpecialDay.”

Thanks so much to everyone at Dirtybit and your Fun Run 3 community of players for your fantastic support of One Special Day.

Man and woman holding a One Special Day sign

Barry and Anette of Dirtybit flying the One Special Day flag at Reboot Develop in Dubrovinic last year