Criterion and Ghost get behind One Special Day

EA, Criterion and Ghost are long time passionate supporters of SpecialEffect. David Rutter, a SpecialEffect Vice President, has recently been promoted to General Manager of EA’s European Studios that includes Criterion and Ghost. Only last week Dr Mick was in Stockholm to give a talk as the guest of David.

Barry and Nick were also lucky enough to visit Guildford recently to update the team on the latest projects and the impact their support has on people who SpecialEffect support.

This year EAUK, Criterion and Ghost are getting behind One Special Day with “Criterion & Ghost Special Live Stream” ( event, internal raffles and have also donated some amazing items for the charity to auction.

Photo of Barry and Nick from SpecialEffect with friends from Criterion

Nick and Barry visited the Criterion offices in Guilford to update our friends on the latest SpecialEffect news