Busting out of school and keeping in touch

Until very recently six year-old Seren, who’s having cancer treatment and as a result is already in long-term medical isolation because of her immune deficiency, was ‘back at school’ in a brilliantly virtual way thanks to her home-controlled little BubbleBuster project AV1 robot made by No Isolation that sat on her school desk and acted as her eyes, ears and mouth in the classroom while she could control it from either her home or hospital with an iPad.

We’re glad to report that the school closures due to coronavirus haven’t meant an end to this vital social contact. Now, more than ever, the AV1 robot will be essential for Seren to keep in touch with the world – so she’s taken it out of school and is using it to keep in contact with friends and family.

“Seren will continue to be at risk because of her impaired immune system until May 2021,” said her mother. “This means she’s at the mercy of any and ALL viruses and diseases.”

“I’ve had to talk to Seren about the possibility of missing out on friendships and her education. Her response was ‘but I’ll still have my robot, though, Mummy, so I won’t miss out will I?’”

We’re working to make sure that many more of the young people in our BubbleBusters project can continue to use their AV1 robots wherever they are, not just in school. The project is so much more than just giving out robots, it’s about giving an isolated child the peace of mind that they’re not being forgotten, and letting the families know that they have our support every step of the way.Little girl smiling and holding a robot