Boneloaf brings Gang Beasts to One Special Day

Listen! The streets of Beef City have fallen silent as the Gang Beasts have finally stopped fighting each other and found something they all agree on… they’re all over the moon that their developers, the awesome Boneloaf, are supporting One Special day 2020.

That’s right, our friends at Boneloaf, the developers behind the massively popular and delightfully silly fight game Gang Beasts, will be supporting One Special Day with a donation of one day’s revenue across all platforms.

Boneloaf is delighted to support One Special Day, “Here at Boneloaf, we believe everyone should be able to play games regardless of age, race, gender or disability, and that’s why we are more than happy to support SpecialEffect. Playing games is a key part of the culture at Boneloaf and we’re glad the success of Gang Beasts allows us support organisations that promote inclusiveness and accessibility”

Thanks so much to the whole team at Boneloaf for your incredible support.

Now, I can hear screams from the meat factory so I’m assuming the Gang Beasts have started fighting again. Do check it out if you want to join the fun…

4 jelly like cartoon creatures holding balloons with SpecialEffect and One Special day logos

Boneloaf bring Gang Beasts to the One Special Day party – it could get messy!