Best Fiends are best of friends for One Special Day, Seriously!

From Cactus Cove, Mushroom Village, Phoenix Nest and across the Endless Desert, our small pals from the world of Minutia – the Best Fiends – will be gathering on 4 October to battle their slug enemies for One Special Day.

Based in the United States and Finland our friends at Seriously, the developers behind the hugely popular Best Fiends game, will once again be donating income on One Special Day. So, while players of the brilliant Best Fiends are driving those slimy slugs back to Mount Boom on 4 October, they’ll be helping to level the playing field for disabled gamers as money spent on in-app purchases on the big day will come directly to SpecialEffect. If you love puzzles and cute characters this is your game.

Give Best Fiends a try and join Wu, Bob, Tantrum, Moose and the gang on 4 October and help more people with disabilities enjoy the fun and inclusion of gaming.

Thanks so much to our friends at Seriously for all their terrific support of One Special Day. The creators of Best Fiends really are the best of friends to SpecialEffect.

Cartoon picture showing Best Fiends title

Our friends at Seriously will be donating income from the brilliant Best Fiends game for One Special Day