25 September 2023

Sumo Group’s One Button Game Jam

One Button Game Jam

In 2021, Sumo Group launched its One Button Game Jam to inspire its teams to get more engaged in supporting SpecialEffect, and to get everyone thinking about accessibility in game design.

Business Development Manager (and SpecialEffect Ambassador) David Dino – known as just ‘Dino’ – launched the original One Button Game Jam and shares some insights on how this annual event started, how it’s grown and what’s next:

“Since 2021, our teams around the globe have signed up to take part in the One Button Game Jam, which happens every September to culminate in SpecialEffect’s One Special Day. They can sign up with a team from their studio or friends across Sumo’s 18 studios or join as an individual and become part of a team. The teams then have three weeks to create a fully realised game or concept based around a single button input.

Simple grid with interconnected lines

[Image above: Spindle. Made by John Newberry at The Chinese Room for the 2022 One Button Game Jam.]

“On One Special Day, myself and people across Sumo get to play the games, review the concepts, and check out what people have been up to on a live stream which anyone can tune into, donate to SpecialEffect and find out more about the amazing work they do. We usually find ourselves joined by streamers from within Sumo Group, and end on a quiz for all of our people to compete for some great prizes.

“Over the last three years, it’s continued to grow with more people each year signing up to get involved. Obviously, them getting creative is a huge benefit, but a hidden surprise has been the cross-studio collaboration between our people as they meet new people, learn new things and really push the boundaries of what they can do.

Figure of eight slot racing track

[Image above: Single Button Slot Race. Made by Barry Soilleux at Sumo Sheffield for the 2022 One Button Game Jam]

There have been a record number of teams signing up for this year’s One Button Game Jam, who are all currently hard at work on their 2023 creations. Dino said: “It’s blossomed into something greater than I ever could have imagined!”

If you’re keen to check out the results of this year’s One Button Game Jam, you can tune into the Sumo Group One Special Day stream at: https://www.twitch.tv/sumodigital