21 September 2023

“Thank you for making it possible to game with a disability!”

Smiling seated man using chin and finger controls to play ice hockey game

Rob’s enjoying the games he loves again with the help of a chin, finger and knee-controlled gaming setup recommended by our specialist assessment team.

Rob can’t use a standard controller due to his motor neurone disease, so our team worked closely with him, identifying the extent and strength of his movements so they could suggest a combination of assistive technology that could potentially make the most of his abilities.

We’re over the moon to hear that the setup has made a huge difference to his quality of life.

“I feel like I have accomplished something which I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to do again after my MND progressed to the point in which I could no longer hold or use a standard controller any more.”

Rob’s chin joystick replicates the movement of a standard left joystick, and he’s able to use his hands to press two carefully-positioned sensitive switches – one under his right index finger and another under a knuckle on his left hand. He also can also press two larger switches with his knees.

“I’ve been playing NHL 23 using the controller setup that you provided, and I’m also going to experiment with different games like first person shooters and RPGs.”

“Now I’ve started to game again, I feel better in myself. I want to thank SpecialEffect for making it possible to game with a disability!”

Helping Rob regain the ability to enjoy a much-loved activity in such an amazing and independent way is real honour, and it’s all because of YOUR amazing support, including your generous support for our upcoming One Special Day on Friday 6 October. It’s enabling us to make such life-enhancing differences all over the world, and we simply can’t thank you enough!