25 May 2023

Jack’s loving his independent gaming!

Video screenshot of young boy playing a video game
Jack’s absolutely buzzing as he arrows his car through Mario Kart using an adapted controller setup devised by our specialist assessment team. Jack has cerebral palsy which makes it difficult to coordinate his hands for small targets. He’d never played on the Nintendo Switch, but his family wanted to find a way for him to use a console to the best of his abilities, giving him a much longed-for way of independently joining in the fun with his family and friends. Nomi and Joe from our specialist assessment team met with Jack and his mum via a remote video call to analyse and discuss what movements he was comfortable with. As a result, the team were able to recommend and loan an accessible gaming setup that included a suitable joystick, a selection of button switches and a Hori Flex controller to enable the equipment to work with a Nintendo Switch. It’s fantastic to see how Jack’s using both hands together to optimise his gaming, and he’s getting on so well with the setup he’s now able to use the buttons on the Hori Flex itself instead of the larger buttons switches we sent him. We can’t wait to hear how Jack’s gaming levels up and, as with all the people we work with, we’ll be here to help him maintain that gaming buzz for as long as needs us. You can find out more about the Hori Flex and some of the equipment that we typically use with it at https://gameaccess.info/hori-flex-controller/