Join SEGA HARDlight for an evening of Marioke madness

SEGA HARDlight are teaming up again with the awesome folk at Marioke for a Marioke night in Leamington Spa in aid of SpecialEffect’s One Special Day.

Marioke is rewritten pop songs about video games, sung by you. Yes, it’s karaoke, but not as you know it. Treat the night like a gig: make it loud, inclusive, full of stupid jokes and the best people. Bring some friends and make this your first! Or come alone if you want: there’s no forced fun and everyone’s welcome, whether you lurk at the back or lead the singing from the stage.

Entry is £5 at the door in support of SpecialEffect!

Usual rules:

1) It doesn’t matter if you can sing, you can’t sing, or you’ve never tried before: Marioke is about commitment, not pitch-perfect performance, and you can star on stage or to stay near the back and see how things go.

2) Cheer everyone to the front and support every singer with your loudest voices. No-one dies alone.

Thank you to Harinder and all the team at Hardlight and Marioke for their support!

Marioke, OSD and Hardlight logos