Firefly’s One Special Day Support

Firefly Studios have done it again! Welcome back to One Special Day 2018 and thanks so much for your support! Here’s Nick Tannahill, their Marketing Director.

“Firefly Studios have long admired SpecialEffect and we will continue to do everything we can to support this amazing charity. That’s why on September 28th we will be donating revenue from all sales of the Stronghold Crusader games for One Special Day!

With each new event and initiative more people hear about SpecialEffect and more gamers reach out for help. Fundraising is important but so is awareness, with so many out there just one email away from better mental health and (more importantly) kicking ass at FIFA, Forza or Halo! This is a charity that literally transforms people’s lives and deserves your support any way you can offer it.”

Thanks Nick! Here he is talking about Firefly Studio’s involvement.